Best Practices

  • Set Up

    • Cones - Track/Course Set up

      • Some workouts may not require as high of frequency of pacing, set cones to 200m if working on longer intervals.  (Default is 50m)

        • On a standard 400m track 400m/50m = 8 segments/beeps.

          • This provides just enough accountability for workouts at most workout intensities.

      • Use a cone/marker that is visible to the athlete and coach to allow visual accountability to multiple athletes simultaneously. 

    • Audio

      • Amplifiers

        • You may need a line in audio cord depending on your system. 

        • Portable amplifiers are a cost effective way to get your beeper hear that can be used anywhere.  Simply create and measure the course and modify the beeper accordingly. 

        • If using at an outdoor track get one with 600+ Watts for windy days. 

      • PA System

        • Most tracks/stadiums have a PA system; the same audio cord should help you out. 

      • Headphones

        • The PACEBEEPER can also be used as a personal training device if you are willing to bring your apple device with you. 

      • BEEPS

        • If using more than one beeper at a time, choose sounds that are easy to differentiate. 

        • Assign the same sound for each group at each practice.  Athletes will learn what noise to listen for during workouts.

        • Shorter sounds = more accurate pacing

        •  Longer sounds = more pace flexibility

          • Choose additional sounds carefully. 

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